Outstanding Accomplishments of Quentin Flannery

Quinten Flannery is a director of several family businesses. He oversees the investment property strategy and trading in this role and has diverse industry experience. Exports, energy production, innovative technologies, and the growth of commercial and residential buildings are among them.

Throughout his career, Quentin Flannery has worked in the energy and resources sector. As a Director of several industry-leading companies via the Flannery holding company, Quentin Flannery remains on the cutting edge of innovation in this area.

Quentin has a long list of achievements; now, let's look at the specifics of his most notable success.

Accomplishments of Quentin Flannery

Career Achievement

To supplement a legacy system, Quentin Flannery installed SAP in the sales force. As a consequence, marketing and logistics operations have seen significant gains.

In Asia, he was able to land his first sales contracts with Tier 1 customers. Taipower, TNB, Taiwan Cement, Huaneng, and Joban Electric are among them. He frequented the region to meet new partners and customers and build a presence in China.

Quentin was in charge of overseeing the expansion of sales in Japan, making bids for over a million tonnes of merchandise. He assisted in a five-year marketing strategy by establishing the sales focus and improving products across global marketplaces.

He also bought a poor Brisbane mine and improved income for Tier 1 clients by 75%. By enlisting the help of technical experts to demonstrate the product's superiority, he was able to win market share from competitors.

Quentin manages Ilwella Pty Ltd in Sydney, where he is in charge of the investment portfolio. He intends to broaden the portfolio as well as the platform. He uses an entrepreneurial and creative mindset to discover new opportunities and maximize shareholder value.

Business Industry Roles

Quentin is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He sits on the boards of several businesses, ranging from start-ups to publicly listed corporations.

Quentin works as a Manager at Elysian Capital, a new financial firm that focuses on weather-based commodity trading.

Among the start-ups and fast-growing firms on which Quentin serves on the board are AuMake International, Sunset Power International, Delta Coal, and Field Orthopaedics

Quentin is the CEO of the Flannery Foundation, a non-profit that assists Australian organizations in making a positive impact. These groups mainly help the poor and homeless and victims of domestic abuse, neglected children, and the education sector.

Business Contributions

In 2013, he began working as a marketing manager for Yancoal Australia Limited, a commodities company headquartered in Sydney. As the business's youngest sales director, he built and developed relationships with current and prospective customers all over the globe, especially in China and other Asian countries.

Flannery began by focusing on marketing strategies, devising a five-year plan encompassing growing revenue, optimizing products, expanding sales channels, and improving client relationships.

As the company grew, he was promoted to global head of Thermal Coal Sales, where he oversaw a portfolio worth more than $1 billion in sales at the time.

He played a crucial role in expanding Yancoal's presence in China and across Asia. This ultimately adds to the company's development as Australia's largest publicly traded pure-play coal miner. He left the firm in 2015 and joined Illwella Pty Ltd the following year, where he oversees the corporation's investment portfolio strategy and trading opportunities.

He also began acting as a director and non-executive director for several companies, most of which were still in their early stages. Others are based in Asia, while others are based in Australia.

AuMake International, an Asian commerce firm; Delta Coal, a thermal coal mining firm; Sunset Power, an energy supplier; Field Orthopaedics, a medical equipment firm; and Elysian Capital, weather-related commodities trading hedge fund, were among the firms.

Every company has its challenges, products, services, and clientele, which is why Quentin Flannery remains committed to helping these businesses in finding answers and forming relationships that allow them to thrive.

Holdings and Success

East Star Resources Plc Est Investment Business Entities shares are worth approximately $10 million to Quentin Flannery.

Since becoming a director of many family companies, Quentin has been in charge of all investment and trading strategies involving energy and natural resources.

Quentin is also a Director at Elysian Capital, a newly established hedge fund specializing in commodity trading based on weather predictions.

Philanthropy & Good Deeds

Quentin currently serves on the boards of many family companies. He is in charge of the investment portfolio's strategy and trading, focusing on trading and investing in energy resources.

He is a Director of the Flannery Foundation, the family's philanthropic arm, which contributes to around 30 Australian organizations, as previously stated.

He also serves as a corporate representative for Act for Kids, a non-profit organization based in Australia. Act for Kids strives to ensure that no child is abused or neglected throughout their childhood.

Quentin says he's been a deep supporter of Act for Kids via his family foundation, and he gladly accepted the invitation to become a corporate ambassador.